Discord Rules

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Lead Developer
Mar 6, 2019
Keep the public chat areas PG13.
(If you need help to interpret what that means, contact a Staff member.)

Rule 1 » No spamming. This could be anything from copy n pastes to repetitive emojis and text messages.

Rule 2 » Be nice and mature. Try to think of it as being in your friend's house. Be courteous to the staff team. They put a lot of their free time into maintaining the server and the peace.

Rule 3 » No advertisement of any kind in the public channels. This includes other Discord servers unless permitted to do so by a member of Staff.

Rule 4 » No racism or hate speech or any homophobic references. There will be no toleration for any racial slurs. This may get you instantly banned. This is included in memes, images and gifs as well (as any saying or phrase that references, or is used in place of, a racial slur) voice chat channels count the same as text.

Rule 5 » Do not harass or threaten other users in text or voice chat. This includes but is not limited to excessive mic volume/intentional voice chat disruption (ear rape), direct message spam or any unwanted direct messages at all, excessive tags, or any form of stalking also do not impersonate other players or staff.

Rule 6 » Do not link or post images/videos with inappropriate content. (scams, pornographic images, etc etc) Please keep these rules in mind. Breaking one or more of these rules may result in a mute, kick, temp-ban and or ban.
Not open for further replies.